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Hair straighteners are flat, originating from regular irons. To use them you need to take small horizontal hair sections that can be challenging to find.

DAFNI is the original hair straightening brush. The 3D hot surface is 7 times larger than a straightener, which allows for taking large sections of hair, straightening and styling them in simple (slow) brush strokes, and reducing the straightening time from 30 minutes to just 5 minutes (on average).

Traditional hair straighteners and hot tools can get as hot as 400℉, permanently damaging hair. Traditional straighteners press the hair together between two hot plates which defects the follicle’s round shape.

DAFNI works at the optimal temperature of 365℉ which remains constant and instead of pressing small hair sections, large hair sections absorb the heat evenly in a gentler way that is safer and far simpler.

DAFNI was created by two tech engineers (father and daughter) and it is designed to be easy, safe, smart, and ultimately your hair BFF.

Here are some of the features in which DAFNI outperforms other tools.

• Keeping the temperature constant at the optimum temperature of 365℉ is not easy. It requires programming and the best quality materials. The ultimate benefit is fewer repetitions and healthy shiny hair.

Automatic auto-shutdown after 10 minutes of not being used or a maximum of 60 minutes.

All black parts remain safe to touch (are not heated), giving you a better experience to straight/style your hair and avoiding burning your toes or scalp.

• Tools for all hair types/lengths and needs.

• A thermal cover allows you to close the brush immediately after use, so you don’t leave any exposed heat anywhere.

2-year warranty to promise (at least) 730 amazing hair days with DAFNI