Get the perfect wave with DAFNI Power

This post was created to teach you how to get that perfect effortless glamorous wave.

It's easy! And as always, with DAFNI you can take layers of hair and achieve the look in just 5-10 minutes.

The first step matters: Start at the roots! The perfect look starts at the roots and our patented technology includes springy bristles that allow you to put the brush on your head and start right at the roots.

Make sure your hair gets deep in the brush- your hair needs to be heated to transform. Your hair also needs some tension to cool in its new shape.


For the wave- rotate the hair on the back of the brush, this way the hair cools with a twist, this twist is going to set and turn into a beautiful wave. 

Continue to brush downwards in a pulling motion. Remember to brush slowly.

When you reach tips brush don't rush, continue to brush slowly on the back of the brush for a perfect finish.

Voila! Getting it right the first time is so satisfying 

Now with take that confidence and do it again. Styling your hair this holidays will be so easy and will definitely not need to bag your stylist for a spot! 

Get your DAFNI Power today

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  • Marjorie Romano

    I loved this tutorial!

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